Title IA Parent Partnerships

RSU 13/Title IA SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACT School Year 2022-2023

Dear Parents and Supporters of our Students: 

There’s an enormous body of research and studies on the positive impact of family-school partnerships and student success.  We simply cannot educate our children without reaching out to the most important people in their lives – you, their parents and other family members. When schools and families work together, children have a far better chance of not only being successful in school but being successful in life as well. As educators, our compact with families is based upon the three R’s that build and sustain effective partnerships.  These three R’s are:

Respect – As parents, please know that you are full partners in the decision making process that always puts the needs of your child first. Your views, insights, and suggestions are always welcomed and valued.

Responsibility – As educators and parents we share a reciprocal responsibility to maintain open communication and support each other in promoting student success. As educators we need to clearly explain what we are doing and why in terms of educational objectives and strategies, and families hold the responsibility for re-enforcing educational efforts, and asking for information and assistance when it is needed. 

Relationships – Just as in the classroom, respect and shared responsibility build the relationships necessary to foster productive learning. Similarly, meaningful relationships nurture the on-going collaboration that is so necessary for family-school partnerships to thrive and to help kids succeed in school.

The role of parents and families in promoting impactful education is of paramount importance.  In fact it’s likely the most accurate predictor of a child’s success in school.  The three R’s, respect, responsibility, and relationships help us to form and maintain those partnerships that truly make a lasting difference for all of our students.

Thank you! 
(Referenced in part to Patricia Williams, Inclusive School Network 2015)

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