Atomic Learning


Atomic Learning is a web-based tutorial service providing assistance for students, staff and parents of the RSU 13 school district. Atomic Learning has a large library of software tutorials both Windows and MacIntosh and applications. Additionally, Atomic Learning has resources to help teachers use technology more effectively in their classrooms.

If you do not have login information to access Atomic Learning contact your school or the RSU 13 Technology Office.

Once you have received the login information you can learn all about using Atomic Learning with the tutorials here. You can use Atomic Learning to find answers to specific questions such as "How do I create a table of contents in Microsoft Word?" Or you can use the tutorials to learn how to use an entire software application.

There is even a quick technology skills self-assessment that will help you center in on areas for improvement. Assess Yourself

Technology literacy is an important goal for students and staff. Atomic Learning is a good resource for improving technology literacy.