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The Grade 8-12 Transition Advisory Group (TAG) is engaged in the very important work of envisioning how the existing grades 8 – 12 will become an exemplary and unified secondary program serving all of RSU 13 students. TAG is not only charged with crafting a vision for this unique endeavor, but is also responsible for planning and managing the work plan that will bring this new school to its successful beginning in September of 2011. We believe that we have a rare and exciting opportunity in joining resources across our expanded district to create a program of secondary study that will draw families and students to RSU 13 and strengthen the support for education within the community-at-large. With the endorsement of the RSU13 School Board, TAG has created a detailed work plan that highlights the many developmental benchmarks to be accomplished along with specific timelines for completion. TAG is a working group comprised of educators and community members that will monitor the continuing progress of this work plan, advocate for the necessary resources, and make adjustments to the work plan as necessary.

We encourage you to follow the progress of our efforts by reviewing our posted agendas, meeting summaries, our Work Plan, and other working documents – particularly the RSU 13 Grade 8-12 Transition Group Charter. TAG members would also welcome comments and suggestions that serve to inform our work as we move forward. You may contribute your comments or suggestions by simply utilizing the email link for Public Input provided below. All comments and suggestions received will be posted at this location and updated on a weekly basis. We ask that when you send us your comments or suggestions that you kindly identify yourself as a student, parent, RSU 13 employee, or simply a community member – we welcome all perspectives!

October 1, 2010
September 29, 2010
September 6, 2010


If you have other specific questions about TAG's work, we ask that you contact a TAG member directly rather than
using the public input link.
RSU 13 TAG members include:
Dr. Judith Lucarelli, RSU 13 Superintendent
Larry Schooley, Georges Valley HS Principal
Michele Gee, St. George School Teacher
Ainslee Riley, Thomaston Grammar School Teacher
Bruce Gamage, Rockland District Middle School Teacher
Thomas Forti, Rockland District HS Principal
Mary Alice McLean, Thomaston Grammar School Principal
David Johanson, Rockland District HS Math Instructor
Krystal Gamage, Georges Valley HS History Instructor
George Emery, RSU 13 School Board Member, St. George
James Kalloch, RSU 13 School Board Member, Rockland
Lisa Berger, Community Member
Robert Gilson, Community Member
Neal Guyer, RSU 13 Director of School Improvement