Gr 8-12 Transition Advisory Group

The goal of the Transition Advisory Group is to be proactive in crafting secondary education options that are student-centered and serve the interest of maintaining high quality educational services for all RSU 13 students in grades 8 – 12. This is preferable to reactive or unplanned programming, subject to the vagaries of the economy, politics or public pressure. We believe that we have a unique opportunity in joining resources to create a program of study that will draw families and students to RSU 13 and strengthen the support for education within the community-at-large. With the endorsement of the RSU 13 School Board, the Transition Advisory Group is charged to maximize the use of existing resources while improving the alignment, quality and efficiency of educational services within our secondary program. This effort will also advance pedagogical and instructional design components of the proposed Many Flags project that may realistically be considered within this unique context.

The Transition Advisory Group is a working group of educators and community members responsible for overseeing this innovative program development project for RSU 13. This group also works closely with Great Schools Partnership as an independent, facilitative agent supporting project design and professional development efforts.

This website location will be regularly updated with monthly meeting agendas, meeting summaries, and working documents as they are created and shared. A comprehensive ‘work plan' has also been posted with our working documents. This plan highlights benchmarks and timelines for project completion as this important work continues towards the goal of implementing a unified 8-12 secondary program for RSU 13 in September of 2011.

Questions or comments may be directed to:

Neal Guyer

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