RSU 13 Summer Enrichment Program Survey

RSU 13 Summer Enrichment Program Survey
The purpose of this survey is to get an indication of possible summer enrollment for the 2023 summer season.

For the past 2 years, RSU 13 has waived fees on summer programming through use of COVID-Relief grant funding. As the grant cycles come to a close, in order to continue to offer high quality summer enrichment experiences for our students, we will need to transition to a more sustainable sliding-scale paid model. 

To continue the robust programming we've had in the past, a sliding-scale rate will be set around the rate of $150/week max, which will allow us to run programming at cost. Reduced rates and waived rates will be offered  based on economic indicator forms collected by the schools last fall. 

Programs historically have run in the month of July, between 8:30a-12:30p, and include daily field trips, activities, and a meal.  We are planning a model where ALL elementary school programs run from 8:30a-12:30p four days per week (with the exception of the week of the 4th, which would be 3 days, Wednesday through Friday).  Our middle school program is currently planned to run the same dates as elementary, but will run from 11a-4pm for current fifth through eighth graders.

*NOTE: This is not a summer program registration form. This is a form to indicate student participation and programming sustainability*
*NOTE: This does not apply to Summer ESY (Extended School Year) Programming offered through Special Education.  ESY will continue free of charge due to specialized grant funding sources.*

Your participation in this survey will help us develop the final rate structure and determine potential enrollment estimates. Please complete the form below.