Welcome to Regional School Unit 13

Message from the Superintendent:

To the Parents and Community Members of RSU 13:

As we welcome your children back to another school year, I would like to thank you for your support of our schools and educational programs. As your Superintendent, I will work to ensure that our primary focus as a school system is to provide robust curriculum, engaging classes and a safe, productive learning environment for all. In this effort, I believe the strongest system is one in which we all work together to achieve the goal we all want for our students; success in their studies and careers upon graduation. We have a very dedicated team of administrators and staff, and I know that the communities of RSU 13 are strong supporters of education. Together, we can accomplish great things for our students and their future.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you, and working with you during this year and those to come. In that spirit, I invite you to join with me in monthly discussions of educational topics, in a superintendent/parent/community group. This group will give those interested an opportunity to meet with the Superintendent in an informal setting, and join in conversations around our schools, programs and education in general. If you are interested, please contact me (jmcdonald@rsu13.org) and I will add your name to the list and contact you as soon as the group is ready to be formed. I hope to utilize the information from the discussions we share to increase my awareness of our school community and the ideas and issues you hold as important in supporting excellence in education in RSU 13. 

I am looking forward toward our future together as partners in the important work of schools, teaching, and learning.

Yours truly,

John C. McDonald
Superintendent of Schools, RSU 13

John McDonald


School Hours – 2014-2015:


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Dismissal Time:

Cushing Community School



Gilford Butler School



Lura Libby School



Oceanside High School-East



Oceanside High School-West



Owls Head Central School



Rockland District Middle School



St. George School



South School



Thomaston Grammar School



Hello Community Members,

As your new principal of Oceanside High School East, I am seeking input on how you may help me learn as much as possible about our school and the strengths and challenges that lie ahead for all of us.  I have created a survey that I invite you to take.  The survey is quick; only 5 questions so it should take a few minutes of your time.  The survey link is below and will close on September 2nd.


The survey results will be shared on our website after the survey closes on September 2nd.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and honest responses.  I hope to see you at our Community Invite on Thursday, August 28th!

Sincerely, Renee Thompson, Principal, OHSE


Please click here to view the revised St. George Withdrawal Agreement that was approved by the RSU 13 School Board on August 7, 2014.

RSU 13 Mathematics Program Audit
Report Release Spring 2013
In the 2012 school year, and as RSU 13 entered its third year of consolidation, evidence of inconsistent mathematics achievement continued to be seen across the district’s schools and grade spans. Data trends suggested that evidence of successful mathematics learning was more evident for elementary grades, with successive proficiency drops occurring in the mid-level grades and continuing into high school. This audit sought to study and validate these trends, and to identify salient factors contributing to acknowledged strengths and weaknesses. 

This program audit, involving multiple methods of study and investigation, began in the winter of 2012 and continued until spring of 2013. Joint study design and co-authorship involving both RSU 13 personnel and the Great Schools Partnership offered the opportunity to include an independent agency in this collaborative review. An independent view is valued as critical in forming a realistic characterization of the strengths and challenges that will inform continuing efforts for improved mathematics teaching and learning in RSU 13. 

The results of this program audit will now be utilized for further professional study and as a basis for program development recommendations to be considered by mathematics curriculum team leaders, the RSU 13 Administrative team, each building principal, RSU 13’s math teachers, and the RSU 13 Curriculum Committee.

Click here to view this report:  Mathematics Program Audit

RSU 13 Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018

Beginning in September of 2011, a Strategic Planning Team -- comprised of representatives drawn from our six communities, the staff, the school board, and the administration - convened to lead a process focused on developing a five-year strategic plan for our newly consolidated school district.

Areas of focus highlighted in the planning process included:  teaching and learning; recruitment, retention, and evaluation of staff; financial matters; facilities; community engagement; and long-range development. The Strategic Planning Team also solicited a wide range of input from community and faculty members through surveys; parent, faculty and student meetings; and open community forums.

The resulting plan was adopted by the RSU 13 School Board by a unanimous vote at its regular meeting on March 7, 2013, and now stands as a blueprint for action in identifying priorities and establishing credible work plans for guiding the district toward excellence over the next five years. Importantly, the plan also is designed to be updated periodically with indicators of progress included in the strategic plan section – Measuring Our Progress and Effectiveness (pages 21-28).

RSU 13 wishes to acknowledge, with grateful appreciation, the dedication and conscientious attention that the following individuals contributed in bringing the RSU 13 Strategic Plan forward:

Duke Albanese, Great Schools Partnership, Inc. (Technical Assistance)                                

Loren Andrews, Vice Chair, School Board

Lew Collins, Superintendent of Schools

Emily Davis, School Counselor

Laurel Dean, Educational Technician

George Emery, School Board Member

Tom Forti, Principal, Oceanside High School East

Neal Guyer, Director of School Improvement

Greg Hamlin, Community Member, Past RSU 13 Board Chair

Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Community Member, Past RSU 13 Board Chair

Jessie Luttrell, Educational Technician

Anna Mason, Community Member                                

Patricia Mellor, Teacher

Tom Molloy, Community Member

Susan Stilwell, Principal, Owls Head Central/Thomaston Grammar

Click here to view RSU 13's Strategic Plan